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With a thoughtful look every morning Declan makes a declaration.  After stating the ever-present, “Mom, I got a question.” The statement for the day ensues.

“Today I am going to make green sparkle slime.”

“Today I am going to have a Pizza party.”

“Today I am going to have a costumes challenge.  I am going to wear every one of my costumes today.”

“Today I am going to make an exploding volcano.”

“Today I am going to have a Pringles challenge.  We are going to get different kinds of Pringles and I am going to guess their flavors after eating them with my eyes closed.”  (Just so you know, he only likes plain Pringles.  Every other flavor is labeled “disgustin”)

“Today I am going to throw a Halloween party.”

“Today I am going to be Santa and wrap presents.”


His declarations are not usually too complicated.  Some require a little work.

“Today I am going to have a playdate with Poppy.  You can drop me off so we can play, and then you can come pick me up a few hours later.  I will pack my toys.”

After a quick affirming text to my dad, Declan prepares for his play date and another “Today” has come to be.

“Today Max (Bobby’s friend) is going to come over and have a sleep over with me.  We will eat snacks and sleep in sleeping bags in the basement.”

That one didn’t happen.

And neither did the one he astounded me with yesterday.

“Today, I am going on a date.”

“A what?”

“A date.  Here, tie my tie.”

“You have to wear a tie on your date?”


“Who are you going to ask out on a date?”

Declan looked thoughtful for a minute.


“Evie?  Who is that?  Does she go to your school?”


“Who is she?”

Silence.  Okay, let’s move on.

“Where are you going to go on your date?” I asked while tying the tie.

Silent in thought, then,


“Oh, okay.”  Nice choice.  Not too spicy.

“You can come too.  You will pay for us.”

“Oh.  Okay.”  I finished the tie and put it around Declan’s neck.  “Can I take your picture?  You look handsome in your tie.”

“Yes.  Please send it to Evie when you ask her to go on a date with me.”

“Um, okay.”

I take his picture.


“Declan, look at the phone.”


I stop for a second and ask, “Declan, will you smile?”

“No, I have to wear this face for my date picture,” He says and points to his head.

“Why?” I wondered.

“It’s my kissy face.  For our date.”

“Muh, muh, muh!” Declan demonstrates.



“OH!  Right.” I smile and suppress a giggle, “Nice kisses and kissy face!”

“Okay.  I am going to take my tie off.  Send those to Evie, and I will go on my date later.”

The tie still lies on the table where he left it.  I guess we will do that “Today…” some other day 😊


21 thoughts on ““Today…..”

    1. I’m sorry if I upset you, Kasey! Declan likes to repeat the things he sees on TV and on You Tube. Last night when I told the family of the story, my daughter let me know Evie is a charachter in the new Descendants movie – I wonder if her “prince” wore a tie in the movie? I just thought it was a cute story since Declan just turned 6 and I didn’t even know he knew what a date was.

  1. You will have to figure out who this mysterious Evie is in real life, or is she just a figment of his active imagination. Has to be really special if he put a tie on for her! At least he plans his schedules ahead of time.

    1. Last night when I was telling the family about the story, Cate let me know that Evie is in the new Descendants movie. Which made me wonder if her prince wore a tie. He is such a reenactor! 🙂 All of his ideas seem to come from TV or You Tube videos that he watches. Except for the play date and sleep over – I think he got the idea about those from watching his siblings.

  2. This is so beautiful and touching. I have a six years old son who is non verbal autistic. He does few things to express his love and they are really moving.

  3. My my my! Can I be Declan’s date? I love that kissy face!!! Ben likes to do reenactments too but most of his are just off the wall. Right now he keeps falling face first into the kiddy pool a la Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka. I have to yell about my “beautiful chocolate”. When they’re not making us crazy they’re great for a laugh😂
    BTW only the green Pringles are allowed in our house😃

    1. Haha! That is so funny. Just the red cannister here 🙂 I get nervous some times when I hear the videos he is watching. Last week he was watching a guy submerge 4 iPhones into different kinds of soda and then freezing them. Why? I have no idea. But now Declan is asking for Sprite, or Fanta, which I don’t give him, but still- I am watching my phone like a hawk! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing this story, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Declan is definitely going places and he clearly has some good, sometimes surprising ideas he wants to try out. I’m glad you encourage his creativity.

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