The Sky’s the Limit

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“What is it?”

“Bug Bob posted another one of his bug pictures on Facebook.  This thing is gross – see?”

“Ew.  That is gross.”


Many of you have heard me say I was thinking of changing the name of my blog.

It took a long time for me to come up with Autism in Our Nest.

That kind of creativity does not come easy to me.  I thought it was a kind of play on words.  Our family, together, with some autism.  The blog would appear to someone doing a search on autism.  It worked!

Then my friend, Bob the Exterminator (Bug Bob for short), started posting pictures on Facebook from his everyday work – nests of creatures that he was set out to destroy.  The nests were, well, gross.

So now, when I think of my blog title, my mind is weighed down by the images of these bug nests.  He planted a “massive bug scene” seed in my mind when I hear the word nest.

I’m not one to make a fuss, or make too many changes.  A name is just a name.  I care more about what I put in the blog than what it is called.

But after a year I finally came up with name I would have named my blog from the start.


“The Sky’s the Limit”


One thing I have never taught Declan is how to swing.

When Declan was a young toddler we tried to put him on our shoulders as we walked to carry him around, as we did with our other kids.

Declan couldn’t sit there.  He would wobble around and then throw himself back.  I had always wondered, why did he do that?

When it came to learn how to swing, Declan couldn’t sit on a swing either.  He would wobble around and then fall off.

So, Declan, a very large child, sat in a baby swing.  Until I could not lift him or fit him in the baby swing any longer this past year.

Unless we went to one of our favorite local playgrounds called The Sky’s the Limit.


The Sky’s the Limit is an all abilities playground.  The playground has a smooth surface throughout.  Smooth for a wheelchair to go through and enough cushion for falls.  Transfer stations and ramps for wheelchairs to get onto the playground equipment.  Places to play music,  visually impaired play components that include braille panels, different textures or smells.  A fence around the entire playground and only one entrance/exit.  Themed imaginative play structures – castle, fort and fire truck.  Double and triple-wide slides.  “Monkey bars” complete with lower sections for wheelchair users.  And a swing set including tot swings, belt swings and high-back special needs swings.


Swings that were perfect for Declan to enjoy a good swing.


Not that swinging was a favorite – Declan liked to move.  But if he wants to swing now, he can with the high back swing until we can master sitting on the other swing.

The Sky’s the Limit.  In my town it is a place where children play together regardless of physical or developmental limitations.

In my mind it is a place where anything is possible.

And the more I write in my blog, the more I realize that with autism, anything is possible.

So if I were to change the name, there it is, inspired by an awesome all abilities playground in my town: “The Sky’s the Limit.”

An autism blog filled with hope and belief that anything is possible.


6 thoughts on “The Sky’s the Limit

  1. The image that “Autism in our Nest” always left me with was closeness. A tight family, a close unit, in a snug environment. An environment that may not be perfect, but a supportive family unit. I’ve often wished I came up with such a good name for my blog. I like the new name, and it frees you expand your topic area, but I would contend that you’re free to do that anyway. *Anything* you write is going to be influenced by your interaction with autism. It’s part of who you are. Either way I’ll keep reading, but my vote is for Autism in our Nest, Sorry.

    1. Wow, that is good feedback – thanks! I wasn’t going to change the name, I was thinking if I could start over what would I name it instead. Bug Bob got in my head in a negative way and so I started thinking of how I would change it. It is good to hear your positive feedback about Autism in our Nest. It might trump Bug Bob and his bug nests. Thanks!

  2. What would you tell Declan or Kate to help them get over a bad mental picture? Follow your own advice to your kids! You help them through their rough patches, don’t you? I prefer your current blog’s name. Been heading there daily for a LONG time. Am set in my routines!

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