“Mom, I Got a Question…”

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“Mommy, I got a question.”

“What is your question, Declan?”

Looking out his car window, he squints and then turns his gaze to look at me.

“I do not like rain.”

It was indeed raining.  But that was not a question.

“Mom, I got a question.”

Concentrating on my next turn, I put on my turn signal and stopped the car.  I looked to the left.  I looked to the right.


Startled back from my concentration, I stammer “What?!”

“When it is raining, I cannot play outside.”

“That’s right.  When it is raining, we play inside.”

…Moment of silence….

“Mom, I got a question.”


And on, and on, and on.


I must hear this statement a thousand times a day.

I get so frustrated with the statement, that it has now become comical.

There is no hiding from it.

If I do not answer right away, he will yell the question, as if I did not hear him.


And he is so polite, he will not start talking until I say, “What?”


This morning started no different.

“Mom, I got a question.”

“Good morning, Declan.  What is your question?”

“I have school today.”

“Yes, you have school today.”


About 3 hours later (and 500 “Mom, I have a question” statements later) I was putting away laundry and heard the call.

“Mom, I got a question.”

“What?” I yelled from the upstairs closet.


“WHAT IS IT, DECLAN?” I yelled from the closet.

I waited a second and put my head outside the closet.

Then I heard the statement again, but this time it sounded far away.


“WHAT?” I yelled and started to come downstairs.

I stopped short when I saw the front door open.  Panicked, I opened the door further.

“Declan!” I yelled.

There Declan stood in the middle of the front yard, dressed as Spiderman, holding his green Kindle.

“Mom, I got a question.”

“Declan, get inside!  You do not go outside without me!”

“Mom, I got a question.”


“Today at school we are having a Cinco tah Mayo party.  I am going to hit a piñata.”

“Yes.  Today is your party.  I am excited for you.”

I closed the front door and took a deep breath.  I looked down at Declan who was standing in front me, looking down at his device.

“Come upstairs with me, Declan.  Let me finish putting the laundry away.”

And as we walked, he started again,

“Mom, I got a question.”

Before I answered, I realized the statement drives me crazy and can make me smile.

And it is now a siren that I always know where he is.

“What is your question, Declan?”

And so it goes…


24 thoughts on ““Mom, I Got a Question…”

  1. It’s not the same statement but I get the same impatient repetition. And you’re right, it does become so frustrating that all we can do is laugh. I’ve often felt like we were doing the Who’s On First routine, autism style😂

  2. Robyn , I have a question…
    Hope that made you laugh😃😃😃
    Amazing how something can drive you mad and yet if you weren’t to hear it you would miss it terribly…. 😃🐻

    1. Oh boy! Well, I guess there are worse things…at least that is what I will tell myself for the next 5 years until Declan turns 11 🙂

  3. At least he has a curious mind! Most kids today do not want to question things. They just want to play with electronic devices alone by themselves.

    If he keeps questioning the status quo, who knows where this will lead him in the future! May actually create a new story that will turn into a life long career.

  4. Hello Robyn

    I recently watched a CBS news story about a movie studio in Hollywood Ca. I think that helps autistic children experience a “simulated” plane flight in a large passenger airplane.

    The actions the children and their parents go through are exactly the same as if parent and child were actually going on a flight somewhere.

    Check in crew, stewardesses, pilots and ticket kiosk at airport are al here.

    I was wondering if you had viewed the program on television ?

    Thank you for sharing your article with us.

    1. Hi gc, I did not see the program on CBS but have heard about this from the autism circuit. I think it is fantastic and a wonderful idea! What a great way to prepare individuals with autism for a plane flight. As a parent I would definitely want to partake in this experience as I do not know what may cause Declan to have a meltdown. And what do you do if you are in the air? I think it is great they took the time and effort to prepare a flight simulator. That’s great!

  5. Hi Robyn….i too have a question😊😊😊…really not….you have answered the question so beautifully and sensibly….when an autistic child questions you he is aware that answer can co.e only from you…you stop answering him and questions will be few and far….very adorable write up….

    1. Haha! 🙂 Yes, Declan lost his speech for a period. So I am very thankful to hear him say words (no matter how many times I hear the same thing 🙂 ). Thank you so much!

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