Billy Cranston, You’re the MVP!

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“Are you asleep?” my husband whispered, nudging my arm.

“I was on the cusp of being asleep until you just woke me up,” I whispered back and sat a little straighter in my chair.

“I was going to probably fall asleep too.  This movie is not my speed.  How does Declan like it?”

Both of us looked down the aisle to see Declan two seats down.  Not his assigned seat, but the little mover likes to move, and would probably move again.

Declan sat in his chair with his little legs reclined, eating some pretzel bites and intently watching the movie screen ahead.

“He looks happy.  He has been asking to see the Power Rangers movie since the first preview.  I am glad we took him.” I responded.

“Yeah, me too.  Well, good night.”

“Good night.”

My husband and I both reclined in our movie seats and got into a resting position.  He, with his head resting on his supported hand.  Me, with my arms crossed across my chest to tuck in my head.

We always try to get Declan out for some special time by himself.  The big kids are involved in so many activities that we are always traveling to, and taking Declan to.  So when we get a chance, my husband takes a day off from work and we take time to celebrate Declan.

Today, Declan wanted to see the new Power Rangers movie.  My husband and I put our smiles on, bought the tickets and cheered with Declan all the way to the theater.

But try as we might, this was going to be a hard one for us to stay awake for.

I looked again at Declan as he stood up and walked a chair back towards me to sit down.  I looked up at the screen to see the movie.

I looked again at Declan to see if he brought all his goodies with him to his new chair.

“Declan – you forgot your Skittles.” I whispered.

“You see, I am on the Spectrum,” a loud voice emitted from the screen.

My head turned.  My husband sat up.

What did that character just say?

And as one soon to be Power Ranger, Billy Cranston, told another soon to be Power Ranger that he was on the autism spectrum and described himself, my interest piqued.

My husband got up and went to sit with Declan.

“This movie just got way more interesting,” he murmured and sat down giving Declan a hug.

We all watched the movie with great interest from then on.  Declan loved the costumes and all the scenes that the good guys were fighting the bad guys.

And my husband and I loved every scene that had a person with autism as a superhero.

We all left the theater that day with a great big smile on our face.

My hat is off to the makers of the Power Rangers movie.  What a great way to spread some autism awareness!


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I went into that theater with my best, “Yeah!” face on for Declan.  I left the theater with a “Yeah!” face thinking of Declan.

The new Power Rangers movie is great for any Power Rangers fan, or fan of a good superhero movie.

But also, it is a great movie for anyone who wants to see the first autistic superhero in a film.

Way to go, Billy Cranston!  You’re the MVP!




14 thoughts on “Billy Cranston, You’re the MVP!

  1. My oldest daughter was a huge Power Rangers fan when they first came out. I just don’t know if I can go through all that again😏
    Is Spiderman going to have competition in Declan’s heart now? 😜

    1. I had only seen commercials before, so I was new to them and their quest. Let’s just say the character with autism really saved the movie for me 🙂 I thought Spiderman was going down when the Lego Batman movie came out – he went to school as Batman for a few days instead of Spiderman. But then he bounced back to his Spiderman gear and has stayed there ever since. I wonder what will break the Spiderman love? Or if I will just keep replacing this costume year after year (after year 😉 )

      1. It’s a good thing they have Spiderman in adult size😄 Ben gets intense on something then when we’re all in the groove he changes the object of facination.😕. Right now it’s clocks. Why clocks? Because his name is Ben😂😂 (not cuz of Big Ben but he does like that clock too)

        1. Clocks are cool! Declan gets pretty into other things, but Spiderman always trumps them all. I am surprised at how many years we have celebrated Spiderman – and when asked what he is going to be for Halloween next year? He just points to the Spiderman costume he is wearing! You’re right! Thank goodness the costume comes in adult sizes! 🙂

  2. Unbelievable that the Power Rangers actually has a autistic person on their forces now! Used to warch the power rangers when I was little, haven’t followed them for many years. Maybe I should give them another look?

    1. I had never watched them before, so they were all knew to me. But I really thought that bringing autism as a part of one of the hero’s was a fantastic idea. And I really thought he did a great job with the role!

  3. Wow! That was really an awesome experience for you guys. My 7 yr old is sooo into superheroes. Just like Declan, he stayed on Spider-Man for a long time then switched to Power Rangers. I’ve watched countless Power Rangers series with him, It got to a point where the PR songs were always ringing in my head. 😀😀. Currently we are on Avengers now, and every piece of clothing or toy has to be the avengers. But anyway, it’s so wonderful to see an autistic child is a super hero, finally Hollywood is thinking with their heads haha😀😀. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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