Best. Day. Ever!!

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“Hello!” I said to Declan’s teacher as I walked into his classroom.

As I walked further in, Declan stood up, smiled at me and began to jump around.  His other classmates joined in the jumping fun.  They were all so bouncy and happy, it was hard to pick out Declan in the circle full of giggling hoppers.

Everyone was so excited as it was Family Carnival Day!  At Family Carnival Day Declan’s teachers set up lots of fun carnival games, provide carnival food to munch on and play carnival music in the background to set the mood (and for the kids to dance to).

One by one parents arrived and were escorted into the classroom.  And with each new parent, the circle of happy hoppers found new momentum to renew their smiling bouncing fun.

As we waited, I noticed Declan’s teacher was wearing a Spiderman shirt.

“Hey Ms. Deb!  I really love your shirt!  Declan said you would be wearing a Spiderman shirt today.”

“Thank you!  I am wearing it because today we are having a very special guest at our family carnival!”

My eyes got big as I realized who may be visiting.  Could it be…..the notorious Spiderman?

This year the family was busy with other activities, so I brought my parents for the carnival fun.  As we were being led by our happy hoppers to the gym for the carnival activities, I leaned into my parents and whispered,

“Mom, Dad – my cell phone takes bad pictures.  Can you please get your phones ready in case Spiderman arrives?”

We went inside the gym and began to play games.  And then 10 minutes later, Declan’s dreams came true….

He got to meet Spiderman!






Declan wears his Spiderman costume to school every day.  When the costume comes off, a Spiderman shirt is on.

When you are with Declan, at any given moment, you might be finding yourself hearing a story or learning a fact about Spiderman, or learning how to shoot a web just like Spiderman.

Declan’s teacher knows how much Declan LOVES Spiderman.   And she decided to surprise Declan with a Spiderman visit!

How cool is that!?!?!

After I wiped away a couple of tears, took a couple of pictures (and encouraged my parents to take pictures) I thanked his teacher.

She told me she ordered the costume on Amazon and her son was willing to dress the part.  She told me she had no other plans to use the costume, and if I ever wanted to borrow it, I could.

“It’s just that EVERYONE here was so excited to see DECLAN MEET SPIDERMAN!  I just had to get the costume!” she exclaimed,

I couldn’t believe how thoughtful the gesture was.  How truly wonderful his teacher is and the wonderful experience she gave to Declan.

And the memories she gave to me!

Declan came home from school smiling, eating a carnival lollipop.  He went right into our house, took his costume out of his book bag and put it on.  He wore his costume for the rest of the day and night as he always does.

And when he woke up the next morning, he came downstairs in full costume to say,

“Mom, I got a question.”

“What is that Declan?”

“I met the AMAZING SPIDERMAN yesterday!!”

Yes you did, Declan!  Thanks to one amazing teacher and her son, Yes you did!!



16 thoughts on “Best. Day. Ever!!

  1. That is so awesome! There *are* some teachers out there that truly do it for love of the job and the students. Declan is lucky to have one of those. I’ll bet meeting Spiderman tops even Christmas 😃

    1. I am so thankful for her! She has had him for 3 years and has helped him grow so much. I will be so sad to move on. Meeting Spiderman is definitely the highlight of the year!:-)

  2. Not many teachers would arange meeting Spiderman for the entire class because the character is a favorite of one child! (Doubt the other kids had any objections, though!) How many grades does she teach (more importantly, how many years will she be part of your son’s education)? Hope she teaches him for several years!

    1. It was so very thoughful for her to buy the costume and her son to play the part – you’re right – everyone liked seeing Spiderman. Declan LOVED it! Declan has had her for the past 3 years. He started with her in a different place – he has grown so much because of all her hard work! It will be so sad to say goodbye – but next year Declan moves onto Kindergarten and we have to start with a new teacher. Saying our prayers for a smooth transition and a great teacher.

    1. Mine did too when I was there yesterday – it was so thoughtful! And he loved it sooooo much! She is simply the best!

  3. Awww… what an amazing thoughtful teacher. A true teacher at heart, wow! I can imagine your emotions that day, a thousand hugs would hardly quantity the gratitude in your heart. Very lovely story. I bet Declan would never forget that day. God bless.

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