Where is Declan?

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You may have heard that an autism home may look a little different from a typical home:


I have found this statement to be true in my experience.

Going through pictures recently, I found a lot of pictures of Declan in some pretty strange places.

He started young, just sitting happily in his toys


Then he moved on to closets


Other baskets

IMG_1627.2013-09-04_120702Copy of IMG_5089.2015-01-02_234414

Basket like sinks

photo 3 (2)


Copy of IMG_1942.2013-11-16_144251

IMG_4504photo 1


Copy of IMG_2095.2013-12-19_230849

The water table was a favorite place to sit, but I only picked one photo

Copy of IMG_2947.2014-06-07_204605

Like a cat, all surfaces were meant to be walked on

photo 1 (4)

And I found there was never any point to hiding food.  He would still climb to get it!  Like putting the donuts or marshmallows above the stove

photo 1 (2)photo 3 (3)

Or candy above the refrigerator. 


Yes, our house looks a little different.  One thing is for sure – you never know where Declan is going to turn up!

The seconds I left Declan alone when he was younger could have led to devastating results.  He had no fear or safety awareness.  He is becoming more aware of safety issues.

He hasn’t sat in any appliances or baskets in some time.  Although, he still climbs for possible hidden treats.

But I found a NEW hiding spot!



7 thoughts on “Where is Declan?

    1. Thanks!! This was a really fun one to put together – I looked through so many pictures and walked down memory lane. It was fun to see all the places he popped up! 🙂

  1. So you have a child that is part monkey too? It’s cute & funny but also liable to cause heart attacks. I’ll never forget the day Ben ran down the hall with a butcher knife. Some places in our home are more secure than Ft Knox (knock on wood). Great pics!

    1. Haha! Yes – part monkey and part ninja! I agree, I can look back now and smile or laugh at some scary stuff. Knives and glass all got moved to the garage for the same reason! And then, if anyone had anything they valued, that got boxed up and put away because Declan was liable to break it. Thanks!!

  2. Autistic kids are not the only ones that strip off their clothing in inopurtune times and locations. My grandma on my father’s side used to come outside and strip down to nothing. She was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

    My mom before she ever married my father had to catch her and help get her get clothes back on since it was not only outside, it was in the middle of winter.help Thankfully tempature was only freezing out side, not several degrees below zero. Eventually, she had to be placed in a nursing home. That way she had 24 hour supervision!

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