3 Wait Games for Autism

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Declan is awesome.  Declan has Autism.  Declan has the worst time waiting, for ANYTHING.  Sitting?  It is not currently a strength.  Listening to a book?  Not yet, either.  Yet, if we have to go to a Dr.’s appointment, go to the store or even go for Ice Cream – we are bound to have to wait.  What do we do?  We play these 3 Wait Games for Autism.

3 Wait Games

Crazy Sound Mimic

Declan doesn’t enjoy sitting, or listening to books.  If given the opportunity he is always on the move.  Sometimes he can’t and standing becomes more than he can stand.  How do we always help those in discomfort?  We DISTRACT!  For Declan?  We sing!

Declan loves a good tune!  And more fun, funny sounds.  Sometimes I can distract him with a fun tune:

“Pop! Pop! Hiss! Hiss!”

If I do something like that a few times, it gets his attention.  Give him a couple more times listening, and he is repeating it.  He loves a great sound, and with echolalia, he repeats sounds that are pleasing to him.  Positive distraction for how his mind works!

I Spy

Yep – the age old favorite!  All my kids liked this one!  My older 2 help Declan along.  They point out the colors on objects to help him guess.  Then we all get crazy excited when he gets it right!!  “I spy with my little eye….”  A family favorite!

Sing Along

Declan loves a good song!  Throw out a “Row, row, row your boat” (or another favorite song at the right time) and he might sing along.  Maybe even shout along!  But hey, he’s occupied and able to wait a bit longer!

Waiting is very hard for Declan, who has Autism.  He loves to MOVE!  Sitting is very uncomfortable for him.  These are a few ways we get through a wait.  There are a few more ideas here.  How about you?  What do you do?  Let me know!



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