The Tale of Declan and Sammie

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Sammie had her first day at school,

And “love was in the air.”

Declan held her hand

To take her everywhere.


Sammie’s interests changed.

From Declan to Justin her playtime went,

Leaving Declan alone,

Sad and wholly bent.


No longer making “bad choices”

And able to go to the treasure chest,

Declan went to Lucy

To help her do her best.


“Her eyes are brown,” Declan remarked.

“And there is a panda on her back pack.”

Declan told us stories of Lucy,

Until Colin came along to sit with Lucy during snack.


Alone Declan sat with his hand on his chin.

His eyes were downcast.

Downtrodden and unhappy he felt,

As a friend in a girl he definitely lacked.


Declan stared straight ahead

when a shadow came into view.

Blinking his eyes he saw Sammie

Standing and smiling at Declan anew.


Her hand she did give

And Declan anxiously took

Off to the class library together

To read some new class books.


From the school bus home to the house he ran

Ready to make something cool.

“A Valentine’s Day card” he thought,

To bring to Sammie the next day at school.


Excitedly he found some paper,

And with a little help Declan lovingly drew

A Valentine’s card with their name

And a picture of them both (as Spiderman and Sammie), too.


“People with autism can’t feel or express any emotion”

Is certainly a myth.

Sitting right next to

“People with autism do not want friends to be with.”


There is a lot of love in his little heart,

And passion that is true.

From Spiderman to Sammie,

Declan loves all, including you too.


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  1. You’re exactly right! Those on the autism spectrum can love very deeply. When my oldest has had girlfriends, they are a very important part of his life. And when they broke up, he was crushed.

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