The Assurance of Autism

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I have been up since 3 AM.  Sleep is a luxury anymore.

When you are given 2 tasks, a hard one and an easy one, which one do you do first?

I always do the hard one first.  I know once the hard task is completed I will have smooth sailing ahead.

That is what I like to think about when I am faced with a hard moment regarding Autism.

Here is one the thing I have learned about Autism.  In some ways, it gets easier.

As an Autism parent I have learned that flexible thinking can be learned by inflexible thinkers.  That a person with Autism can be aware of others and their feelings.  That cooperation and compliance can be learned by a person who is prone to impulsive behaviors.  I have learned to communicate in many different ways to help bridge communication gaps.  I have learned what my frustration looks like by looking at the face in front of me.  I have learned patience when I thought I had none left.

Some things will never change.  My son will continue to wake up soaring at 3 AM and ask me to be ready for the day.  My son will continue to climb to the top of anything he sees, including our refrigerator.  My daughter will continue to only wear 2 different stretchy outfits on rotation.


I understand, I accept.

So when I am frustrated with diapers, sippy cups and harnessed car seats – things I wish were behind us by now – I will find comfort in one luxurious thought:  I know some things will only get easier.  And I am so thankful for that.




4 thoughts on “The Assurance of Autism

  1. Thanks for your article. It takes me back to those long long days. Know that it does get easier, better. There are blessings, my daughter taught me that! The days are long but the years are short

  2. I am so glad I found your blog. It has been refreshing to read your posts and feel a connection. I am still learning, how Autism affects our family. As the primary caregiver for our grandson, I look forward to reading more of your articles and learning. Thank you ever so much for imparting your wisdom.

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