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Maybe someday you will grow up to be president.

But that is not a favorable job –

Maybe you will use your wisdom and patience as a teacher instead.

I wonder if you will want to see the world, and be a traveler?

Or a beautiful actress, performing on a stage – Oh, I can picture you now!

Maybe you will be a radio announcer,

And I will listen to your voice filled with wit, humor and knowledge from far away.

Oh!  Maybe you will be a professional athlete!

And as you wave to the crowd I will be screaming “I love you!” from the stands.

Maybe you will prefer to coach your son’s football team –

As he will see you as the most important person in his life.

You are so brave.  Maybe you will use your strength to fight fires as a fire fighter.

Maybe you will use your voice to write, and I will hear you speak to me in written words.

I am so excited for you.

For all of you.

Every today, I will encourage you to dream!

For I know that every tomorrow is a blank slate,

Waiting to be written on.

Autism or not, anything is possible!

And I will always be there, as every yesterday, today and tomorrow you are my everything.

I will be there helping you to reach for the stars.

Then, I know,  I will watch you swing on one.

So dream.  DREAM BIG!  For the future is yours!


11 thoughts on “Someday

  1. He could even be an astronaut escaping our atmoshpere! May have heigth problems like I did, was too short to reach for the stars. Hope he grows up taller than I am (would not take much).

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