Santa Declan’s Merry Christmas

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Every time I pull into the drive way and think I am done shopping for Christmas, only to realize another trip out into a busy store awaits

Every time I have a bowl full of ingredients to bake a Christmas treat, only to realize I am missing the most important, and sigh

Every time I go to wrap a present, only to realize the tape dispenser is empty

Every time I wrap another band aid around a finger, newly adorned with a paper cut

Every time another note comes home from school to tell me I need to do something for another festive school Christmas event

Every time I have to push the couch out-of-the-way that is guarding the closet stored with wrapped presents – to prevent ANY MORE presents from being opened before Christmas

Every time I trip over a large box –

I slump, then smile.

Santa Declan

Because, I know where Santa Claus lives!

Or at least the one who keeps the spirit alive and well.

He sleeps in the room next to mine.  With Christmas lights adorning his bed.


A new costume has been found.  A favorite for the season.  Giving a mighty “Ho, ho, ho!” Santa Declan gives a pose.


He sits and he waits in his sleigh, waiting for reindeer to take him on his way


Or for Bobby to move his box


My tape and wrapping paper are all gone for a reason as Santa Declan is wrapping all his toys to put under the tree for him to open on Christmas Day.


He wants a bag to carry a bounty of gifts to all his school friends.

Santa Declan is sad when I ask to wash his Santa outfit.  He finds it hard to sleep without his “suit.”

A pair of glasses, a pair of black boots, a beard and black belt have all been requested to make his suit complete.  And of course a red coat.  Santa Declan is sad his coat is black, not like Santa’s at all….


They celebrated Christmas at school, and Declan’s teacher wrote me the following note:

I have to tell you… I was so proud of Declan today!  Santa came for a surprise visit (I didn’t even know he was coming).  It was something arranged through the Middle School.  Each child had a present with their name on it.  Anyway, the child sitting next to Declan got a SpiderMan doll.  When Declan opened his, it was Matchbox cars.  Rachael and I were waiting to see his reaction in fear he’d be upset it wasn’t Spidey.  To our surprise he yelled, “I got cars!”  He was so happy and we were so relieved!  It was a great visit…everyone was grateful for what they got and were very well-behaved while they waited their turn.”


We bake, we wrap and we listen to Santa Declan sing or hum his favorite Christmas song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”  I think I finally know all the words, thanks to Santa Declan.

Tomorrow is Christmas, a day Declan has been waiting for with great anticipation and excitement.  Santa Declan has instilled an enormous amount of excitement in this family.  We all feel his tremendous love and energy for Christmas.  And from our house, to yours we hope to share this love and excitement.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

And here is something fun we especially enjoy:






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