Promises to my Dear Children

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To my dear children,

I promise….


To encourage you to reach for the stars, and to never feel you can’t do something

To always be excited to see you

To talk with you, laugh with you and most of all, to LISTEN to you

To let you feel all of your emotions

The darkest moments will find light again

To let you be you

To support you

To love you unconditionally

To help you love yourself unconditionally

To try and teach you to be strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit

To make you smile and laugh

To help you find happiness, whatever it may look like for you

To teach you how to pray

To teach you how to find rest and comfort in faith

To teach you about grace, mercy, compassion, hope, forgiveness and love

To teach you about humility and gratefulness

To say the hard words, “I was wrong.”

To help you say the hard words.


How I wish you came with a “How to Parent” manual, but you didn’t.  I am figuring it out as I go.  I am not perfect.  I have made mistakes.  I will make some more.

These promises I make to you, but most of all,

I promise I am trying my very best and I will never, ever leave you.

I will always be right by your side.



21 thoughts on “Promises to my Dear Children

  1. Your children may need to find not only their own way, but their own place to pray! Felt like praying the most when I was hiding up in a tree as a child. Churches did nothing for me neither did kneeling at my bed side. Preferred to be outside in nature! Felt closer to God that way!

    1. Right now we pray as a group twice a day. I would love for them to reach a spot where they pray on their own – wherever it may be. I even encourage it as a coping skill “Take a deep breath, say a prayer…” Outside seems nice! I will recommend it to them!

  2. Wonderful! Wonderful promises. As my children grew up there were so many books for parenting toddlers, pre schoolers, grade schoolers then fewer for teenagers and where the heck are the books on how to parent adult children? My “children” are now adults and one has a child of her own. Your promises are the promises that still apply even when the “child” is an adult. Thank you!

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