My Autism Run

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Don’t you just love it when two of your worlds collide?

I am a long distance runner and write about my running adventures on Sneakers on Pavement.  I also have two children at different spots on the autism spectrum, which I write about on my blog, Autism in Our Nest.

Can you guess how excited I was when I saw this tweet from American Autism Association:


American Autism Association is a not for profit organization whose mission is to help families through their journey as they raise a child with autism.  Their organization offers information, support for families and free of cost recreational programs or workshops for families.

Their organization relies on people to get involved or donate to their organization so they can help families with a child on the spectrum.

We Run the Spectrum was one campaign to help raise money and autism awareness.  American Autism Association has other events geared towards raising money, assisting families and raising awareness.  Another event they have asked people to get involved in is the “Let it Grow” campaign.

The Let It Grow Campaign  asks people to register and let some part of their hair grow.  Families of children on the spectrum get glared at and stared at daily.  The Let it Grow campaign asks people to grow a mustache, a beard, mutton chops, crazy hair do’s – so when people stare, laugh or comment on the “new look” the person with the new look will be able to educate others about autism awareness.  Easy peasy way to spread some autism information.  Want to join?  Click here for more information.

I was super excited about the virtual run by American Autism Association.  My biggest dilemma was, do I run the 5K or a 10K?  Always a lover of longer distances, I chose the 10K.  I completed my run on August 31 and tweeted @My Autism my success.


Over the weekend, American Autism Association sent me my finisher medal and asked finishers to take selfies with our medals and tag #MyAutismRun, so of course, I did.


The virtual run was great.  A great way for me to bring two majors areas of my life together into one place.  To support a great organization and to spread autism awareness.

If you want to learn more about American Autism Association, click here.

If you would like to contact American Autism Association, or are looking for more information and resources, here is their information below.



9 thoughts on “My Autism Run

    1. I did that one on the treadmill while they were at school – best way for me to accurately measure the distance completed. All safe!

    1. Thank you so much! That is so nice! I’ll have to check it out! It was a virtual run that you did on your own. You paid your fee to be a part of the event, could run as a group or an individual and could raise funds for American Autism Association. Was perfect for me, a person that loves to run!

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