It’s Story Time!

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“There once was a little boy eating pizza,” Declan began.

He was sitting in his car seat eating a slice of pizza he had obtained after bouncing at the trampoline park and had saved for our ride home.

He took a bite of his pizza and looked out the window.

“The little boys name was Peter Parker,” Declan continued with a serious look on his face.  “And when he went to eat his pizza a spider came down from the sky and bit him.”  Declan looked out the window again, the he looked down at his hand.

“The little boy yelled “OUCH!”” and Declan flinched his arm as if he was in pain.

“Then he turned into Spiderman.” Declan smiled real big and took another bite of his pizza.

“Very good story, Declan!” I congratulated.

Story time in the car is one of my favorite pass times.  It keeps the kids from fighting.  It keeps the kids thinking.  And the stories they come up with ALWAYS keep us entertained.

“Okay!”  Catelyn exclaimed, “It’s my turn!

Once there was a man who lived alone in a one floor house.  The house was a very unique house in that it did not have a front door.  In fact, the house did not have any doors at all!  The only way the man could get in and out of the house was through the garage.”

“Oh no,” Bobby said.  “Is this going to be a scary story?”  Not one for any element of fear, Bobby hates a scary story.

“Ummm.  No.  Well, maybe just a little.

So the man had to get his mail one day and went out of the garage.  As soon as he left, the garage door came crashing down, shutting the man out of the only entrance to his house.  The man was afraid.  The sound of the door crashing down startled him.  The door shouldn’t have fallen.  It was secured tightly the last time the man had checked.

The man hesitated in front of the mail box.  “Best to just leave the mail there,” he thought, “I have no place to put it if I cannot get into my house.”

The man walked back to his house and tried to move his garage door.  He found that he could not.  The door was stuck shut.  He began to walk around his house to think of any window he might have left unlocked.  As he passed by the dining room window, he was sure he saw something moving inside.”

“Oh no – Catelyn I do not like your story,” Bobby interrupted and covered his ears.

“Catelyn – why don’t you wrap it up,” I suggested.

“Okay, fine.  So he went in through the window and there was a SCARY CLOWN standing there…”

“STOP!” Bobby and I both yelled at the same.

“FINE!” Catelyn shot back, and added, “The clown moved in and they all lived happily ever after.  Geez!  You are a real scaredy cat, Bobby.”

“I’m fine with that,” Bobby sighed and sat back in his chair, realizing the story had made him pretty tense.

“Whose turn is it now?” I asked to help our car ride home.

“My turn!”  yelled Declan.

And he began, turning his gaze to look out the window.

“There once was a little boy eating pizza.”

Bobby and I shot a look to each other and smiled.  Declan’s story was very minimal.  It varied ever so slightly every time he told it.  And it always ended with Spiderman and a smile.



25 thoughts on “It’s Story Time!

  1. I was on the edge of my seat with the garage story! I wish she had been able to finish it!!!
    Have you heard of Story Cubes? I use the with my kids sometimes as a way to pass the time. Super fun! For some reason, there is ALWAYS a sheep in the story…

    1. She surprised me with that one – had me scared too! I haven’t – those sound neat! I will have to check them out. Haha – sheep 🙂

  2. All great stories. But the thought of a clown moving in freaks me out! Nothing wrong with Declan holding onto his story, we all treasure our favourite things and interpret them differently as we grow.

    1. Me too! I wonder where she would have taken that story if we let her keep going. Yes, I am excited to see how his story changes or develops through the years 🙂

  3. Love it! Short and very, very sweet. I remember when Samuel was only about 3 he made up a story that began with “once upon a time there was a letter X. The end”. He loves the letter “X” not sure why. He also likes the number 8 – must be the shape or the sound of it.

    1. Thank you! That’s great! Declan’s favorite number was 2 for the longest time. He told people he was 2 for years. Just something about that number he liked, I guess

  4. Bobby didn’t tell a story! Does not seem fair to him. Wonder what type of story he would have told?

    Clowns are not my favorite characters, was scared of them when I was little. Cured the fear by dressing up as one along with the rest of my girl scout troop and visiting the local nursing homes to cheer up their paitents and staff members. We were requested back many times over the years!

    1. That’s really neat! I don’t like clowns either – maybe that would help me get over my fear too!
      Bobby isn’t much of a story guy. His are usually a sentence long that involve a character that dies real fast. Mine usually involve telling a story about 3 kids and what good things they were going to do to help their mother in the moments ahead :-). Story time is definitely loved by Catelyn and Declan – they love to use their imaginations. And for Declan, Spiderman is always involved.

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