It’s Finally Halloween!

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“I got a ROCK.”

Declan laughs.  Then he says it again.

“I got a ROCK……The boy goes trick or treating and they give him a rock.  And he says, I got a ROCK.”

Declan’s ‘Charlie Brown’ serious expression disappears and Declan starts laughing again.

Declan has been watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to catch EVEN MORE of the Halloween Spirit.

The first day he realized it was Halloween season he was coming home from school on the bus.  The bus driver had decorated for Halloween with pumpkin stickers on the windows and orange garland around the ceiling.

Declan did not pretend to be asleep that day.  His eyes were wide open, like giant saucers.  All he could say to me was, “Do you see it?  Do you see the Halloween, mommy?”

Every day since the bus was decorated he would ask me, “Is it today?  Is Halloween today, mommy?”  I would tell him it wasn’t.  But it didn’t matter.  Each day he would dress in his Halloween costume with his trick or treat bag and go to school, where I learned he repeated the same question.



One night the doorbell rang, and when we went to answer the door, no one was there.

I looked down and a giant bag of goodies was there with a message.

“You’ve been booed!”


The kids were so excited.  Being booed is a game our neighborhood plays.  You boo a neighbor and then it is that neighbors turn to boo the next.  Once we got our Boo message, we sent Bobby into the night with our message and a bag of goodies to another neighbor not yet Booed.

Declan got the wrong message though.  He heard the doorbell ring, saw the bag of goodies and disappeared.  He came back in his costume with his trick or treat bag yelling, “It’s time!  It’s time!  It’s time to trick or treat!”

We decorated the house with eerie decorations AND we carved our pumpkins



And bought our candy.


Our costumes are planned (but they’re a surprise!)

It is here!  Halloween is a night we do not see differences.  We see our kids being kids.  Dressed in costume and running from door to door.

Happy and excited for tricks and treats galore!




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