3 Incredible Calming Tricks for Autism

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Once we realized our son had special needs, we went to town trying to find ways to help him.  Not only with services and therapies, but with different things at home or on the go to help calm a mood or situation.  Here are a few Autism Calming Methods that work for us.

Autism Calming Methods

The Sensory Sock

There are so many items out there to help with different sensory issues.  The trouble is, how do you know which ones will work?  I wish there was a sensory exchange.  Some sort of “try it before you buy it” kind of deal.  Thankfully, Declan’s OT when he was 2 brought many items for him to try.  Some were great, some were not for him.  Declan hated the compression vest.  But to this day, one of his favorite sensory “toys” is his sensory sock.

Declan loves to climb in his sock, stretch to and fro.  Feel it on his limbs, his back.  The Sensory Sock is something that calms Declan.  He is always seeking input and the sensory sock provides pressure and keeps him calm.  If Declan is having a hard time at school, the teachers lets him spend some time in their sensory sock where he stretches and moves until he is ready to try school time again.  A great resource.

Thankfully, I found one on eBay from a retiring OT.  But if you are looking for one, yourspecialkid.com has some not too expensive options as well.


Does this sound crazy?  I know, it’s crazy.  Why the heck would you want to give your child candy?  Well, because sucking a lollipop can be very calming.  Also, they are distracting.  Declan enjoys the flavors, he enjoys his lolliop time!  He is not waiting somewhere anymore – he is sucking on a lollipop.  Dum-Dums are our favorite.  Declan’s favorite to suck on, mine because they are small.  By giving Declan a dum dum while we go food shopping, or sitting and waiting to be served at a restaurant help keep him calm, distracted and ready for the next event.  Here is some more information about sensory and calming activities.


I think you might see this in every one of my posts.  I can’t stress how much singing, sounds, tunes help Declan.  Songs make him happy, they distract him from an unpleasant situation and they HELP KEEP HIM CALM.

Not every song fits every moment.  If you try a song, he may tell you “NO!” But then he will lead into a new song, and may let you sing along.

These are a few of our calming strategies.  What do you do?  Let me know!



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  1. Music works for Tyson too. Also, when we are at home, we place him in a heavy sheet (that looks like a taco) and swing him back and forth and sing Row Row Row your boat very camly and slowly until he starts to calm down. We have been lucky so far, not too many meltdowns. But we always try to stay alert. All of us have songs on our phones that we can turn on with a click of a button that he loves and soothes him.

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