Happy Halloween!

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“Okay, Bobby – let’s fight!”

Then Spiderman Homecoming and The Vulture went into a good guy/bad guy air fight to appease Declan’s wishes.

After Spiderman successfully took down his nemesis, I called for the yearly family Halloween photo.


Spiderman and The Vulture were met by our 3rd Trick or Treater – the dead Prom Queen.  Her goal for Halloween was to collect as much candy as she could and freak people out by asking them in her dead voice,

“Did you vote for me….?”

Of course the holiday fun was shared with the dog.  She tolerated the Spiderdog costume well and was excited to see the Trick or Treaters.


Something new happened for us this year.  A rite of passage that all kids go through, but still took us by surprise.  Bobby arranged to trick or treat with his friends.

Not only that, Cate connected with a girl on our street and they made plans of their own.  The girl is 3 years younger than Cate, but they really enjoy each other’s company – and to be honest, Cate does very well playing with younger kids.  She is super tolerant and instructive in a good way.

Am I super duper happy that Bobby and Catelyn have friends they wanted to connect with on this special day?  Of course!  Was I bummed that our family journey through our neighborhood streets was altered?  Of course!  But I let them go with the other families anyway and my husband and I took Declan door to door.

Declan, who is more aware of others now, had a harder time with the individual giving out candy.  He tried his hardest to avoid looking at the person, or heaven forbid if they tried to talk to him.  For the first time, Declan did not dash from house to house, but asked for a parent to walk with him to the door to handle the interaction as he put out his candy bag while looking at the ground.

After 45 minutes of Trick or Treating, Declan was finished and said, “I want to go home.”  He came into the house, dumped out his candy and indulged in a few pieces before returning to his You Tube videos.

My husband went to join Bobby’s trick or treating group and stayed out until 8PM, when Trick or Treating was over.  Catelyn was the last to roll in at 8:15, trying to lift her candy bag in the air shouting, “We shut the place down!”

In her hands was a pillow case.  STUFFED with candy.

Her goal to collect as much candy as she could was obtained.  That is for sure!

Bobby, who gave up candy and soda 2 years ago for soccer (and has not had a cavity since!), gave his candy to his trick or treating friends.  As he is the only one in this house that eats chocolate, if he were to ever want a piece – Catelyn has him covered with her monster bag!

It was a new Halloween for us, that is for sure.  The kids all had a great time, trick or treating the way that suits them best.

We came to Halloween having celebrated the season with our trip to our local orchard and each completing their pumpkin carve (Declan with a little help).



It was a wonderful season and holiday – Happy Halloween!



14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Ah… the kids are growing up! I feel like I know them so much now that I felt a little nostalgic for you too. And it’s so great how they have each other’s back. You’re raising them so well!

  2. When my daughters were younger their favorite part of Halloween was days later when we let them smash the pumpkins with bats in the back yard. We started a few accidental pumpkin plants over the years😄 I love that Cate is really getting into character. All those acting classes…💌

    1. Oooh, I bet the kids would like to smash some pumpkins! Haha – you’re right! The acting classes enhance her Halloween characters, too!

  3. Sounds like a great Halloween for all, and excellent costumes too 🙂 It’s getting dark here since clocks have went back an hour. The children are mostly all done with the trick or treating by 6pm. My son had his first venture out and is delighted with his sweetie bounty.

  4. Great that Catelyn was able to become friends with another little girl in your area! Would not have come up with the notion she try hanging around with the younger set, but if that is what it takes good for her. Your older son needed to break away with his own friends for once.

    Sounds like a wonderful Halloween for your family!

  5. It’s hard when the traditions change. Since we live in one of the better trick or treating neighborhoods in town, My kids have always had friends come over to trick or treat with them so this is the first year with any major differences (Sophie aging out). In the next couple of years, halloween will only be about giving out candy. We’ll probably stop decorating and carving pumpkins. It’s pretty sad.

    1. Yeah, I am glad my kids are still into it. Halloween has never been my #1 holiday (I wasn’t even allowed to go out as a kid). But I still like the fun of it and so do Catelyn and Declan. Maybe we can keep the spirit alive as they age with a family pumpkin carving contest or something. Because the other option is pretty sad!

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