For a Chuckle!

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If you are like me, when something new enters your world that you are unfamiliar with, you hit the internet.

I knew little about autism before Declan was diagnosed with autism and then Catelyn was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism.

I knew from my experience, being an autism parent was hard.  I felt very alone and isolated.  I didn’t feel like anyone understood what I was going through.  The strain that was placed on my marriage.  What my other kids were going through.

What Declan was going through.

I did tons of research.  I found lots of information.  I learned a lot.  I read other blogs about autism, the autism family.  I learned new techniques, new ideas, I found support.

I realized I wasn’t alone – there were a lot of other people out there just like me and my family.

And they had a great sense of humor.

I found plenty of things that made me chuckle.

The levity and sense of humour in these on point meme’s that I found through the years really helped me smile.

So, today, I would like to share a smile:


















19 thoughts on “For a Chuckle!

      1. I am glad they made you laugh – they make me laugh every time I see them! They point out reality in a funny way 🙂

  1. Brilliant post and I love the memes. My hat goes off to all you amazing parents out there in autism world. 😃😃👍👍🐻

  2. You forgot to mention that Santa Claus must have OCD. He makes a list, and checks it twice, seperating everyone in to 2 catagories= naugty or nice!

    Other wise loved the pictures!

  3. i can relate to all of these, but especially the babysitter and hand dryer one. Oddly enough, it’s my youngest who isn’t autistic that can’t deal with the hand dryer. He’s got sensory (auditory) dysfunction and we’ve been to OT’s to help, but he still hates vacuums and hand dryers and loud toilets flushing.

    1. My oldest is like that too! (He’s not on the spectrum either). But Declan is my worst with it. If the toilet in a public restroom automatically flushes I am darting to his head to cover his ears before he screams. And forget the dryer. We air dry! 🙂

      1. My oldest, Naomi, has some struggles with loud noises, but not as much as her brother. Some of the things autistic kids struggle with like sleep, food, sounds, ect–she seems to have skipped those issues. She has plenty other ones. Today we met with the autism specialist and they told us the good news is that Naomi (my daughter) can go to college and get her own place with accommodations. The school district made it sound like she was a complete invalid so I was happy to hear the autism specialist give us some hope.

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