Declan’s First Birthday Party!

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“What are these?”  Catelyn asked as I continued with my daily chore of going through school bags.

“I think they are thank you notes from Declan’s teachers for Christmas presents.” I replied.

“Mind if I open them?”

“Go ahead.”

As I was zipping up the final bag, I heard Catelyn say,

“This isn’t a thank you.  This is a birthday party invite.”

“A what?” I asked and turned around.

Catelyn handed me the card and my eyes got big.

Declan’s First Birthday Party!

I had to sit and think for a while to come to this conclusion – this would-be Declan’s first birthday party!  At his Special Ed Preschool, there weren’t invitations handed out for birthday parties.  Declan was invited to have cake at the playground with a family friend once for his birthday.  And Declan has had parties, filled mostly, with his favorite adults.

But never has an invitation come to go to a place to play, have cake and ice cream with friends!

Declan, of course, was ecstatic to go.   The first words out of his mouth every morning were, “_____ more days until Noah’s party!”

When it came time to pick out a present, Declan decided he would ask Noah at school during circle time what Noah would like.

“He said he would like anything.”

So, we went to Target, to pick put a toy.

Declan was a bit confused about the birthday gift process.  He wanted to buy Noah LOTS of gifts.

And after much debate, 4 gifts were purchased (a piece of candy and a container of Playdoh being 2 of them) as well as wrapping paper – as any bagged gift to Declan is a “broken gift.”

Noah had lots to open, and Declan was thrilled.

The day of the party finally arrived.  Declan got up screeching with joy.  Got dressed, brushed his teeth, ate his macaroni and cheese breakfast and waited.

Finally, party bound, Declan stopped for a picture.20180120_103356

So excited, Declan asked that I tape the entire party so that he could watch it again later.

So, I kind of obliged by taping parts of his party fun.


Declan had a blast at the party.  His only disappointment was that Noah did not open his gifts at the party.  Declan was hoping to watch Noah open them and then “share” his new toys with him.

And after much run, jump and play fun – Declan and Noah, had a great day!



10 thoughts on “Declan’s First Birthday Party!

      1. I am emotionally drained after watching it. Even Len couldn’t take his eyes of the screen. What an amazing family. At the end it shows the Leamington Spa stage, and that is where my granddaughter dances when they have meetings. Isobelle dances on the stage, and the girls from this documentary sing. It is up for a BAFTA award in England.

  1. Wow! Again, he’s doing so great! All the support and his awesome Mama are obviously helping him soar! Happy dance and high fives!!! 🙌🎉💌

    I’m actually not sorry to miss the birthday parties. I did all that with my girls. I’ll pass on the noise thank you very much😝

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