Declan Wants to Play!

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“I want to play!  I want to play!”  Declan yelled running towards the soccer fields.

“Declan wait!” I yelled as I ran to keep up with him.

Declan stopped and looked at me, “I want to play!  Put me on the team!”

“Declan, sign-ups are over.  These are the big kids too – this is Catelyn’s team.  You would play on a different team.”

“NO!  SIGN-UPS ARE NOT OVER!”  Declan cried and fell to the ground.

As I went to the ground to sit with Declan, he just cried, “I want to play…”


I was so surprised.  And a little excited!

Declan has never shown any interest in any sport before. 

He has seen his share of sports.  He has been dragged all over the state to sit and watch his brother’s soccer games.  Or baseball, street hockey, football, basketball.  To Cate’s soccer games, softball, running, her acting, her singing.

NOTHING has ever sparked an interest to him.

The most fun I ever saw him have at any of these events was at a soccer game.  Declan found the toilet paper in a Port-A-Potty and decided to “decorate” the trees in the few minutes I ran for a bathroom break.

I had always wanted Declan to play a sport.  If Declan had been ready, interested and able, he would have had 2 seasons of soccer and 2 seasons of T-Ball under his belt by now.  At least!  He just wasn’t ready.  Nor was he interested.

Until now!

Declan wants to play!

So, it was a true blessing when an invitation to “come experience and learn about soccer” came home in Declan’s backpack a few weeks ago.

We registered.  We dug out one of Bobby’s old uniforms.  We filled a water bottle.

And we showed up.

He learned to dribble.  He learned to trap the ball.


When it came time to play some 1/1, he was unable to sit – he was so excited to watch other people play.

Declan was ecstatic.


And he was excited to play himself.


Unfortunately, this was a one time event.  Could he play on a team?  Could he follow the rules of the game?  Could he handle losing?

I am thankful to say that we will be researching soccer possibilities for Declan – and we will soon find out!

Because for the first time – Declan wants to play too!



18 thoughts on “Declan Wants to Play!

  1. Hello. I am very pleased for you and Declan. My oldest son who is borderline autistic, was never interestested in playing any sport either when he was younger and during PE lessons when playing cricket, soccer or hockey was compulsory, he was hopeless with a ball, unable to hit or kick it. When he got to high school he joined the chess club and archery club and excelled at both. I’m sure Declan will find some sport that suits his abilities and enthusiasm.

    1. Thank you!! I never thought Declan was going to have any interest either – I was so surprised! Thank you!

  2. Hope he has more success than I did playing softball. Soccer was my dream sport,but teams were not available in my part of the country (southern IL). Hope he has a thick head for bouncing the soccer ball off it! Gave myself a headache a time or two from playing all alone in our yard with my soccer ball. Glad to hear he wants TO PLAY!

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