Declan Wants to Play!

Declan is 6 years old and has never shown any interest in playing any sport. Until now! Read about his new interest – here!

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My Message

This picture of my sons soccer team popped up recently, and it was completely foreign to me. I didn’t recognize the team at all. As I looked at the picture, I thought back and followed a part of our autism journey.
I realized in retrospect there was a positive message to be had. Read about it, here!

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ALL the Kids are Ready!

Catelyn has not been excited about school. Feeling bad about the year ahead, we reached out and were pleasantly surprised. Read about Cates transition from sad to happy student, here!

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Autism Success!

One thing my son with autism has taught me, is that he will learn something new when he is ready. And these autism successes are truly wonderful!

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