Autism Awareness Night at the Ballpark

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“If you could just zip your card through here….”

I lined the card up, and swiped.

Again and again and again.  All for

Autism Awareness Night at the Ballpark

$24 for a Phillies Super Hero hat as the Spiderman mask was too cumbersome to see the game through

$22 for Pretzels, soda and water – our plan to occupy the kids with snacks so we could sit in our seats for at least one inning of the game

DSC_0012 (5)

$6 for the emergency LOUD bag of peanuts to drown out the sound of the guy behind us that knew ALL the bad words (that made the big kids giggle every time he let one fly).


$12 for ice cream – the reward for sitting in the chairs as long as they could

DSC_0025 (3)


$10 for the necessary #1 fan foam finger


$4 for one more pretzel to munch on while we watched from behind home plate

DSC_0043 (2)DSC_0030 (4)

The cost of taking the family out to the Philadelphia Phillies for Autism Awareness night?




It’s April!  It’s Autism Awareness month and we always like to get out and celebrate with different organizations that take the time to support autism awareness.

The kids have some busy schedules, so we were not able to get to all of our regular autism awareness events.  But one event we could go to, and we are all very excited for:

A night at the Philadelphia Phillies!

We had a wonderful night.  We saw lots of other families having a great night too.  Declan wore his Spiderman costume and was thanked by all the employees of the park for keeping the park safe.

Once in our seats, we were told we could move if the crowd became too much.  If we needed anything, our usher offered us his assistance.

A lot of care and planning went into preparing the park employees for the evening.  And it really meant a lot!

Major League Baseball teamed up with Autism Speaks to bring this event to the ballpark.  And not just ours!  Every MLB team has an autism awareness night.

MLB and Autism Speaks prepared the ballpark employees in a special way.  They also put together this guide to help explain the entire event:

Autism Awareness Day: A Guide to the Game

MLB  could have been another organization that did not do anything for autism or autism awareness.  Instead they did something, and brought autism awareness to the ballpark to promote awareness and acceptance for individuals and families on the spectrum.


We really enjoy the event and will definitely go back to the ballpark to help celebrate next year!


12 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Night at the Ballpark

  1. That’s so great you were able to have fun as a family! 👏😃 It’s also great that the park employees were given the info they needed to assist appropriately. They’ll be able to use that info for every game, and in their non-work lives too.

  2. That’s awesome- more organisations should follow suit. And it was worth every $ to get those smiling happy faces in the photo. That memory is a keeper for sure! 😃🐻

  3. Read the informational piece they gave to the employees, gave them a better understanding of people with autism! Now the employees have been educated a little more about dealing with autistic people, hope they share the information with their friends and family!

    One step at a time, the world will become educated slowly by situations like these! Just have to help more of these type of events happen.

  4. It’s cool how they provided training to the ushers. Attention to detail. It’s nice to know it isn’t just about getting people into the park. Glad you had fun. I can only enjoy baseball if I’m in shorts and a tee-shirt.

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